Apply now for the Schleswig-Holstein StartUp SummerCamp in cooperation with Microsoft. Application deadline is 27.08.2017.

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Schleswig-Holstein StartUp SummerCamp in cooperation with Microsoft

What happens when players from government and industry meet with the best company founders in Schleswig-Holstein?

Real Nordic startup acceleration!

The Schleswig-Holstein StartUp SummerCamp is the extra boost of energy you need for your founding venture. Roll up your sleeves, because from the 17th through 23rd of September 2017 – in the context of Kiel Digital Week – you will be counting, coding, planning and experimenting for all it’s worth.

Intensive advice and dialog with experienced mentors, coaches and partners

Our intensive program will delve deep into the engine room of your young company! Together with experienced business experts, you will have the opportunity to refine your business model, illuminate critical business topics, gather your first real experience with customers and investors and work with technology experts to take your technical prototypes to the next level.

Our goal for the week is a strong investor pitch before a broad audience as well as a solid technical and economic basis to bring you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism of Schleswig-Holstein – Germany’s northernmost region –has found a strong partner with Microsoft Germany. We are very excited to see how much we can accomplish together in a week and look forward to receiving your applications!

Time to start

What to expect as a participant in the Schleswig Holstein StartUp SummerCamp

  • Chance of notable financial support for your StartUp: 1st place = 7.000 €, 2nd place = 5.000 €, 3rd place = 3.000 €!
  • You will work closely with business coaches and partners and receive sound feedback on your business plan, market assessment, strategy and work plan. You will develop your ideas and goals under expert guidance.
  • As part of your own technology track, your developers will meet with technology experts from Microsoft, who will work with you to further develop your prototypes and be available to answer all technical questions.
  • You will prepare an effective presentation for your first investor pitch. To prepare, your coaches, mentors and speaker trainers will help you develop the content and your speaking skills.
  • You will become part of a network of founders, mentors, coaches, partners, funding bodies, business angels and lenders. Long-lasting relationships with others who share your passion for new business ideas will be formed!

Weekly plan

StartUpSummerCamp Weekly plan
StartUpSummerCamp Weekly plan

Our conditions of participation

  • Participating startups must be involved in the development of a software-based product or service.
  • The company must be privately owned and may not be the subsidiary of or legally associated with any other company.
  • The company may not be older than five years.
  • Annual revenues may not exceed $1,000,000 (or €843,300).
  • The product or service should address one of the special strengths of Schleswig Holstein, such as renewable energies, maritime economy, healthcare, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or e-government.
  • The event language is German, which means there must be at least one German-speaking member in each startup team.
  • A maximum of ten startups may participate.
  • A legal right to participate does not exist.

We would like to particularly encourage applications from startups led by or predominantly staffed by women. The same applies to startups that address the realities of life of women as well as startups managed by older people. Startups managed by persons with an immigration background or teams comprised of persons with immigration backgrounds are also expressly encouraged to apply.

Your path to Kiel

  • The application form on this website must be filled out completely and correctly. It is how we rank and make an initial selection of participating startups. Startups with the best rankings may be asked to submit additional documentation to narrow the field of applicants.
  • The final selection of participating startups will be made by a jury comprised of representatives from Schleswig-Holstein and Microsoft based on the submitted applications as well as a pre-pitch that will take place on August 31 and/or September 01 in Kiel.

At the beginning of the event, participants, like all others involved, will need to sign a detailed confidentiality agreement so that the necessary climate of openness and trust can exist while protecting intellectual property.

To slow down the heart rate of your CFOs

  • A maximum of €2,000 will be reimbursed per startup for travel to and from the event within Germany. This includes travel to and from Kiel for the pre-pitch.
  • Accommodation, beverages and food are provided free of charge (see the schedule for details).

We also provide space where you will be able to carry on with necessary business activities during the event.

Apply now for the Schleswig-Holstein StartUp SummerCamp in cooperation with Microsoft. Application deadline is 27.08.2017.

Apply now!

Your startup campsite

The Schleswig-Holstein StartUp in cooperation with Microsoft takes place in the science center of the Kiel Science Park (Wissenschaftspark Kiel).
Exact location maps and arrival information will be provided to the participating startups in advance.